Contractor Accountants – Do You Get What You Pay For?

Every contractor accountant service is not the same. Regardless of whether you are new to the contracting game or are already playing, at some point, you will probably have considered enlisting the services of a contractor account. Which services should you be looking for and is it really worth you get for which you pay?

Price against Service

While shopping price is the major factor and it is tempting to go for the affordable option. This can be appealing and worth considering how much bang you have really got for your bucks. After all, you don’t want to compromise with the quality by getting the products at affordable price. And it is all down to what is included and the level of service you can expect. Thus, all you need is to dive a little deeper into what you are looking for.


Necessary elements

Considering the services you really want, both personally and professionally, there are some basics that every accountant should provide and we suggest that you should ask each whether they are included as standard within their monthly price or at an extra price. Such services are:

  • Immediate access to cloud-based portal for day to day tasks
  • Unlimited expert advice and support from a dedicated professional accountant
  • Management and year-end account with quarterly VAT returns.
  • Calculation of company’s tax liabilities and tax health checks
  • Monthly and annual Payroll Management

Difference between Contract accountants and self-accounting management

The main difference between the two situations is that your contractor accountant should be qualified expert who is knowledgeable in keeping your accounts in check. He will be there to remind you when you seek things to be done. He will also make you aware of any better opportunity for beneficial for taxes. If this sounds simple to you, it is not, as having a direct line to your own personal accountant is not given. You could find yourself passed from pillar to post through a call center or might end up in the hands of an incompetent account manager. This situation is not ideal when you require professional financial advice for your business. You should always feel safe in the knowledge and they are ready to talk to you whenever you require them.

No hidden charges

There should not be hidden charges for the accounting services. The contract accountant can be hired at the fixed monthly charge without any hidden cost. Right from speaking to your own dedicated personal accountant from the outset to being transparent about what is included in the monthly service. He should provide the clients what exactly they can expect from him. The expert accountant is ready to answer any questions that may have about the service and how he can help you to achieve your contracting goals. You can even ask for the quotations and their process of helping your business.


Key Takeaways:

The only thing that is essential for your business is the productivity at the affordable rate. But for getting affordable services, you don’t have to compromise with the quality. So, it is liable to get the services with utmost advantages and perfection.

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